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Nobuyoshi Araki

Nobuyoshi Araki ( 荒木経惟 Araki Nobuyoshi, Nasceu em 25 de Maio de 1940) é um fotógrafo japonês . e artista contemporâneo. também é conhecido pelo apelido de Araki ( アラーキー? ) .

'What makes (photography) obscene is its terrible cruelty. Happiness may be fleeting but it is the reason we go on living. Photography is the joy that precedes pain, the moment of life just before death.' — Nobuyoshi Araki


Björk by Nobuyoshi Araki

NOBUYOSHI ARAKI - TOKYO NOSTALGIA (1998) Conformity within beauty ...

Latest Nobuyoshi Araki, Les cordes...

Yoko Araki by Nobuyoshi Araki

Araki...yikes...makes you not want to do this ever again!

Bjork, 1996. Photo: Nobuyoshi Araki. True story: I was at Puerto Rico Coffee on Thompson street in NYC... I heard this woman talking to her daughter behind me on line... the conversation was about her daughters modern dance class, I turned around and saw Bjork, I smiled then swept my bangs, and she did the same... we shared a bang moment!!! I didn't fan out... and kept cool... That's my Bjork story!

by Nobuyoshi Araki - taken in Tokyo 1962

Nobuyoshi Araki - Les femmes, les fleurs, le bondage et le quotidien

Photography by Daido MORIYAMA, Japan 森山 大道 you can see the balance between the tones white and black

Photographed by Nobuyoshi Araki.

Nobuyoshi Araki (荒木 経惟 Araki Nobuyoshi?, born May 25, 1940) is a Japanese photographer and contemporary artist. He is also known by the nickname Arākī (アラーキー?).

nobuyoshi-araki #photography

Araki Japanese 1940- Araki’s controversial images of bound women, flowers and food have created a worldwide following for this driven photographer.

Bjork fashion icon trendsetter singer performance artist amazing fearless 80's 90's and still cutting edge

Nobuyoshi Araki...so real i feel it

Nobuyoshi Araki Tokyo, 1984 could do some work on little girls, and how they turn into "women"

Satchin and his brother Mabo by Nobuyoshi Araki

imagen de nobuyoshi araki

Lady Gaga in bondage for Vogue Homme Japan, 2009. Photographed by Nobuyoshi Araki.

(from Sacchin) ca. late 1950's, Nobuyoshi Araki

nobuyoshi araki fotos

nobuyoshi araki fotos  

"New Star: Lady Gaga vs Araki" • ph. Nobuyoshi Araki • Vogue Hommes Japan (2010) 

la primavera di simone rocha
Ispirata dalla gravidanza, un viaggio a Kyoto e le fotografie erotiche di Nobuyoshi Araki, la collezione primavera/estate 16 di Simone Rocha è stata la più accattivante che abbia mai realizzato. 

Nobuyoshi Araki's fine art images appear in museums around the world, including MOMA, SFMOMA, The Getty, and the Louvre. His provocative work is considered fine art, and meets the criteria of educational and museum quality images of Pinterest ("We do allow works of art and educational pins, like you might see in a museum or classroom."). Araki's work is an important part of the history of fine art and is included in curricula taught in classrooms, schools, and featured on educational television

Nobuyoshi Araki, Tokyo Nouvelle, 2007 on ArtStack #nobuyoshi-araki-huang-mu-jing-wei #art

Nobuyoshi Araki,

Nobuyoshi Araki

Nobuyoshi Araki

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